Zycle Z Protective Floor Mat

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Indoor cycling can be a sweaty business.

This high-quality floor mat protects your carpet, wood, or laminate floor and also helps deaden sound and vibration. It will also help make the clean-up process easier as it will catch the grime, water, sweat and dust. Due to its impermeable characteristics, it is also much more hygienic than using a none specific mat, such as a yoga mat or rug.

Protective Floor Mat


  • Protects your floor
  • Deadens vibrations
  • Helps quicken the clean-up process
  • Hygienic


  • Rubber

Product weight:

  • 6 kg


  • Total width: 182 cm
  • Total depth: 91.4 cm
  • Total height (thickness): 0.6 cm

Please note:

  • Free shipping to UK 

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