Freemotion t8.9b Treadmill

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Reaching 12 mph (19 km/h) with an incline up to 15%, this versatile, sprint interval treadmill opens up new possibilities and is ideal for the active ageing population and new users. Nice to have entertainment features are hardwired in, along with trainer-created workout apps and an EKG monitor. Large brace and side rails create wide foot placements for added security. When synced to the user's smart device, the workout becomes interactive and automatically takes over the incline and speed of the treadmill. Users can choose from over 17,000+ workouts filmed in exotic locations around the world or in a studio setting, led by some of the world’s most motivating trainers.

t8.9b Treadmill


  • 1-StepTM controls

    • Get instant response and immediate action with easy to understand, 1-STEP™ Controls. The easy read and accessible controls are made for personal trainers and HIIT workout classes.

  • Ifit® sync:

    • Users sync their smart device to the machine to create an interactive workout experience. With over 17,000+ workouts filmed on-location throughout the world, iFIT® Sync creates a hands-off solution where the machine’s incline and speed is controlled by the on-screen workout and iFIT® trainer.

  • Simplified user interface:

    • Get all the workout information you need in one place. Easy-to-read results lets you know what you’ve accomplished during the workout.

  • The ultimate in personalization with ifit®:

    • Integrated, interactive and targeted, iFIT® is a comprehensive wellness solution that keeps the workout exciting and progressive. After one workout is completed, the next time the same user steps on the t8.9b Treadmill their smart device will launch a new workout designed to help them reach their personal fitness goals.

  • Ever-growing fitness library:

    • Users have access to a library of 16,000+ workouts built by our expert fitness trainers from around the world. With five training teams on seven continents, workout boredom is a thing of the past.

  • Google Maps™:

    • Google Maps™, powered by iFIT®, allows users to map a course anywhere in the world on their smart device and the REFLEX™ treadmill will simulate the incline of that actual terrain.

  • Virtual run club:

    • Create a little healthy competition by forming facility Run Clubs, allowing users to compete against other locations in exciting virtual challenges.

  • Personal training:

    • People can follow top fitness trainers as they lead cross-training video workouts filmed in studio settings and exotic locations.

  • Educational runs:

    • An iFIT® workout goes beyond interactive into straight-up educational. In addition to leading workouts filmed in the most exciting places on Earth, the iFIT® Trainer will share facts, information and history of the region with the user to keep the workout as informative as it is interactive.

  • Personal entertainment:

    • Entertainment capabilities make the workout experience even better. Add an optional 15.6 in (39 cm) Personal HDTV Screen.

  • Speed Range: 0-12 mph / 0-19 km/h

  • Console features:

    • Display Type: Simplified User Interface

    • Resolution: N/A

    • Controls: 1-STEP™ Incline Controls, 1-STEP™ Speed Controls

    • Workout Metrics: Speed, Time, Incline, Distance, Vertical Feet, Pace, Calories Burned, Calories Burned Per Hour and Heart Rate.

    • Number of Programs: 26

    • Pre-set Programs: Set a Goal Workout Centre (Time, Distance, Pace), 4 Weight Loss, 4 Heart Rate, 4 Speed Interval, 2 Race Training, 4 Incline, Fitness Tests- Army, Navy, USMC, USAF, WFI, Bruce, Gerkin, PEB

    • Google Maps: N/A

    • Console Language(s): English, French-Canadian

    • Featured Languages: EN, also DE, ES, FR, IT, PT, RU, ZH

    • Additional Options: N/A

  • Entertainment:

    • TV Tuner: N/A

    • Entertainment: Personal HDTV (15.6 in / 39.6 cm) with On-Console Controls, 900/800 MHz Receiver (MYE900RCVR)

  • Connectivity:

    • Recommended Internet Connection: N/A

    • Ethernet Requirements: N/A

    • WiFi Connection: 2.4 / 5 GHz

    • WiFi Requirements: 10Mpbs per unit download, 500Kpbs per unit upload

    • Video Connections: N/A

    • Audio Connections: 3.5 mm Audio Out, TV Input

    • CSAFE: Enabled

    • ECOFIT: N/A

  • Product features:

    • Drive Motor: 0 HP AC Commercial Drive Motor

    • Deck: Cushioned 2-Sided Deck

    • Belt: 5 x 60 in / 54 x 152 cm Quiet Belt

    • Rollers: 3 in / 7.62 cm machined rollers

    • Elevation System: 0% to +15% incline

    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Dual Grip Pulse Sensors, Polar Wireless Receiver

    • Emergency Stop: Safety Key and Clip

    • Workout Fan: Removable 8 in / 20.3 cm CrossFlow™ Fan

    • Accessory Holder(s): Dual Water Bottle Holders

    • Transport Wheels: Yes

    • Colour Options: N/A (Dell Grey is standard colour)


  • 0 HP AC commercial drive

    • This high-torque, brushless AC speed motor is dynamically spin-balanced and extensively tested for superior performance in vibration and noise—making it the performance motor of choice.

  • 0 – 15% Incline control

    • Incline controls make it simple to change the incline to reduce impact on joints, burn more calories and add workout variety.

  • 0 – 12 mph Speed control

    • The easy-to-understand, 1-STEP™ Speed Controls give you instant response and immediate action.

  • Electronic readouts:

    • On this console you will see your speed, time, incline, distance, vertical feet, pace, calories burned, calories burned per hour and heart rate.

  • Stay connected:

    • A convenient USB charging port, 3.5 mm audio out, and TV input keep devices charged and the entertainment streaming.

  • Set a goal workout centre:

    • Stick to your goals. Enter your desired worked out time, how far you want to go or how many calories you want to burn and the machine won't stop until you've reached your workout goal.

  • Pre-set programs:

    • Set a Goal Workout Centre (Time, Distance, Calories)

    • 4 Weight Loss

    • 4 Heart Rate

    • 4 Speed Interval

    • 2 Race Training

    • 4 Incline

    • Fitness Tests- Army, Navy, USMC, USAF, WFI, Bruce, Gerkin, PEB

Product weight:

  • 162.7 kg

Maximum user weight:

  • 182 kg


  • Total width: 205.7 cm

  • Total depth: 91.4 cm

  • Total height: 152.4 cm

  • Step-up height: 17 cm

  • Running surface width: 54.6 cm

  • Running surface depth: 152 cm


  • Product weight:

    • 262.6 kg

  • Dimensions:

    • Total width: 229.8 cm

    • Total depth: 106.9 cm

    • Total height: 48 cm

Please note:

  • Power requirements:

    • US & Canada: 110-120 VAC, 20 Amp

    • Great Britain & others (International): 220-240 VAC, 15 Amp

  • Certifications:

    • cTUVus, FCC/IC, BQB

  • High-Usage Warranty (US & Canada)

    • Frame: 7 Years

    • Drive Motor: 7 Years

    • Parts: 2 Years

    • Console: 2 Years

    • Labour: 1 Year

    • Cosmetic & Wear Items: 6 Months

  • High-Usage Warranty (International)

    • Frame: 7 Years

    • Drive Motor: 7 Years

    • Parts: 2 Years

    • Console: 2 Years

    • Labour: 1 Year

    • Cosmetic & Wear Items: 6 Months

  • Low-Usage Warranty (US & Canada)

    • Frame: 7 Years

    • Drive Motor: 7 Years

    • Parts: 3 Years

    • Console: 3 Years

    • Labour: 3 Years

    • Cosmetic & Wear Items: 6 Months

  • Low-Usage Warranty (International)

    • Frame: 7 Years

    • Drive Motor: 7 Years

    • Parts: 3 Years

    • Console: 3 Years

    • Labour: 1 Year

    • Cosmetic & Wear Items: 6 Months

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