Synergy AIR Power Tower

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Finally, the air resistance HIIT climber is HERE!

SynergyAir Power Tower is a truly versatile, space efficient, power free, efficient and fun workout. It fits perfectly with today’s training demands and expectations at every level. It fits in with every fitness program and every level of fitness ability. This air resistance climber is the perfect addition to your gym and will gather the crowds.

It’s a full-body climbing machine that maximizes the movements of the upper and lower body to give the user the feeling of actually climbing a mountain.

Power Tower


  • Controlled Variable Transmission (CVT) Turbine
  • Unique and approachable to all walks of life and fitness levels
  • Highly adaptable and versatile – can be as aggressive or as easy as you want it to be
  • Small footprint and easily moved around (relatively light and no external power requirements)
  • Results orientated across the board – aerobic, anaerobic and strength
  • Perfect for: Gyms, Small Group Exercise, HIT, HIIT, Crossfit, Personal Trainer, Gyms, MMA, Rehabilitation, and more
  • Australian design, proven in America


  • Total width: 90 cm
  • Total depth: 125 cm
  • Total height: 240 cm

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