Synergy AIR Bionic Bike

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Make a Bionic Air Bike the bedrock of your home cardio set-up.

Beloved by functional-fitness fans the world over, this is the ultimate fan bike. Built to rugged commercial gym standards and found in CrossFit boxes and gyms throughout Australia and worldwide.

"Mediocre was not a word found anywhere in the vocabulary of the engineers during the development of the HIT Bionic Cycle. It is durable, has a smooth feel and delivers plenty of on demand HIT power. Perfect for every gym environment but designed for and tested in the toughest cross-training environment in Australia. We are highly confident you will not find a better product at the same price."

- Manufacturer's View

Bionic Air Bike


  • Adjustable seat height, distance, pedal clips - the works
  • Easy to move around
  • It comes with small castor wheels under the fan to allow you to tilt and wheel
  • You provide the power
  • Dual-action - full-body workout, both arms and legs get the full treatment
  • Air resistance - scales to your fitness - the harder you push, the harder it pushes back
  • HIIT, sprint intervals, steady-state - whatever your workout goals, this bike excels
  • If you want this bike to smash you, it's definitely up to the task - but, if you need it to be gentle, it's happy there too - with an added bonus of a nice blast of air from the fan to keep you cool
  • Ideal for warm-ups - working the arms and legs, warming the muscles and to allowing the blood to flow
  • ..and warm-downs - flushing out post-exercise lactic acid from the muscles
  • Prehab or rehab friendly - do just legs, just arms, single leg, or single arm.
  • Also allows for dual-arm chest-press/row action of the arm levers.
  • Large LCD display with easy to hit buttons offers a variety of programs and stats to track:
    • time
    • kCals
    • Watts
    • speed
    • rpm
    • heart rate
    • intervals
  • Weighted air displacement turbine with gearing ratio of 1:17 delivering 4350 watts at 150 rpm
  • Ultra smooth and quiet belt drive
  • Multiple operational modes:
    • Total body arm/leg cycling
    • Lower body cycling
    • Upper body chest press and row action

Product weight:

  • 35 kg

Please note:

  • UK Mainland 3-day delivery available: £100 delivered to your door - special delivery precautions are in place to help in the current crisis which you can read about here. Full instructions and support are available for set-up - normally we would be there to help set it up for you
  • Returns can be arranged via email - these are large items that you would struggle to post!
  • Manufacturers parts only warranty applies

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