Freemotion Pro Power Rack

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Designed for safety even during dynamic lifts, the Freemotion Pro Power Rack's rugged, cage construction is adjustable to set range of motion. Catch bars, bar hooks and uprights are coated to protect the machine for years of rigorous use. Integrated plate and bar storage keeps the space clear.

Pro Power Rack


  • Safely set the range:

    • Whether performing a hang clean or deep back squat, cage design allows lifters to adjust the safety catch height and helps contain a dropped bar.

  • Keep plates close at hand:

    • Integrated storage is perfect for quick transitions for drop sets and keeps the weight room tidy.

  • Confidently lift heavy:

    • Open frame is constructed with 3 x 3 in / 7.62 cm, 11-gauge steel and features bolt-down holes for stability. Coated bar hooks and catches protect both the machine and the lifter.

  • Product features:

    • Adjustments: N/A

    • Frame Contents:

      • 4×3 ft (1.2 x 0.9 m) steel uprights

      • 4.5 x 3.5 in (11.4 x 8.8 cm) plated upright wrap

      • Fiber-Laser cut numbering system for exact attachment positioning

      • Multi-grip chin-up bar with 2 in (5 cm) ball grips

      • Four place bar storage

      • Band peg pair

      • 14 in (35.5 cm) Plate Storage Pegs (12)

      • UHMW plastic on J-hooks and safeties to prevent upright, bar and J-hook damage

      • Fiber-laser cut upright slots for fast and solid J-hook and safety Arm adjustments

      • Footplate anchor options for maximum rack stability

      • Carriage bolt hardware for a smooth and clean finish

    • Seats & Padding: N/A

    • Frame & Finish: Heavy duty, 7-gauge steel construction

  • Product specifications:

    • Standard Frame Colour: Black River, Flat Black, Platinum Sparkle, White River

    • Optional Frame Colour: Custom colours available upon request

    • Standard Upholstery Colour: N/A

    • Optional Upholstery Colour: N/A

    • Hand Grip Colour: N/A


  • Natural grip for natural movement:

    • Built-in chin-up bar has angled wide grip to reduce stress on wrists.

  • Laser-cut height indicators:

    • For quick, precise adjustments, bar hooks and safety catches can be place is 2 in / 5.08 cm height increments.

  • Built to last:

    • Constructed with 11-gauge steel and electrostatically powder-coated, this is built to stand up to the rigors of the weight room.

  • Bolt-down holes:

    • For safety and stability, it can be bolted to the floor through pre-drilled holes.

Product weight:

  • 254 kg


  • Total width: 244.8 cm

  • Total depth: 202 cm

  • Total height: 240 cm

  • Footprint width: 244.8 cm

  • Footprint depth: 202 cm

Please note:

  • Warranty (US & Canada):

    • Frame: 10 Years

    • Parts: 3 Years

    • Cables & Labour: 1 Year

    • Cosmetic & Wear Items: 6 Months

    • Upholstery & Padding: 120 Days

  • Warranty (Great Britain & International):

    • Frame: 10 Years

    • Parts: 3 Years

    • Cables & Labour: 1 Year

    • Cosmetic & Wear Items: 6 Months

    • Upholstery & Padding: 120 Days

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