LivePro Olympic ‘Lockjaw Style’ Black Barbell Collars

Sale price£15.99


This barbell bar chuck is made of nylon, and the material is wear-resistant and durable, suitable for the use of Olympic bar with 5 cm diameter. A circle of TPR leather ring padding on the inside of the chuck protects the bar well, and the black chuck is fast and tight without loosening and slipping, which makes it very solid and reliable to use.

Olympic ‘Lockjaw Style’ Barbell Collars


  • Lightweight
  • The quick-attach system allows collars to be put on and off efficiently
  • Clamps are sold complete


  • Barbell chuck is made from nylon
  • TPR leather ring padding on the inside
  • Hard and durable plastic

Product weight:

  • 0.17 kg (x2 pcs)


  • Inner diameter: 5 cm

Please note:

  • These are sold in pairs
  • Delivery in 3-4 working days

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