Marpo Functional Tire Trainer

Sale price£4,594.99


The Marpo Functional Tire Trainer offers a wide variety of exercises that target the user's entire body. Our innovative Tire Trainer design will allow you to devise a desired workout program for general cardio, athletic training, strength, power, endurance and circuit training.

Functional Tire Trainer


  • Dynamic magnetic brake system (DMB)
  • Dynamic Resistance range 20 to 136+ kg
  • Brake mechanism allows for bidirectional tire flipping
  • Specially designed for easy grip, durable and long-lasting
  • No power source requirement

Product weight:

  • 176 kg


  • Total width: 219 cm
  • Total depth: 155 cm
  • Total height: 135 cm

Shipping weight:

  • 204 kg

Shipping dimensions:

  • Total width: 97 cm
  • Total depth: 107 cm
  • Total height: 145 cm

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