Loumet Rugby Trainer

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You don't play with a round ball so why train with one?

The development of power, speed and control are the most wanted attributes for any rugby player. While maximum strength is a necessary requirement for all areas of modern rugby, every player is looking for increased power and control to keep them competitive and ahead of the pack.

Medicine ball training has long been used as a form of plyometric training, providing an effective tool for developing power in athletes and sportspeople of many disciplines. By using a rugby ball shaped medicine ball a player can develop maximum power, speed and control through all the major movement patterns, playing techniques and skills.

Rugby Trainer


  • Allows plyometric training while maintaining technique
  • Develop hand skills, control, passing ability and power
  • Suitable for Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch and AFL
  • Passing and Catching
  • Ball control and confidence
  • Ball pick up and handling
  • Mauling and dispossessing
  • Rucking and roving
  • Possession and protection
  • Manoeuvrability and agility
  • Sprinting and jumping
  • Twisting and turning

Product weight:

  • 2 to 4 kg

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