LivePro Weighted Jump Rope (LP8283H)

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This weighted jump rope is one of the more popular professional jump ropes on the market, and with high precision ball bearing rotation design, the rope can move in any direction without obstruction. The rope turns more smoothly and increases the speed of jumping rope. The handle is made of aviation-grade aluminium, with good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance, extending the service life. Knurled design is engraved on the handle, with a reliable grip. Single handle inside the weight of 60 g iron bar, increases the hand weight.

Weighted Jump Rope (LP88283H)


  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Wear and corrosion resistant
  • Not east to rust
  • Durable steel wire rope is wrapped with colourful, wear resistant coating
  • With high-precision ball bearing rotating, the rope can be moved in any direction, which increases the jumping rope speed without obstruction
  • Engraved knurled handle to decrease the risk of slip
  • LivePro logo is engraved on each handle that will not wear out
  • Used to improve speed, endurance and strength training, and suitable for gym, home fitness, office fitness, etc.


      • Steel
      • Aircraft grade aluminium

      Product weight:

      • 0.31 kg


      • Rope width: 300 cm
      • Rope diameter: 0.25 cm
      • Handle width: 15 cm
      • Handle diameter: 1.8 cm
      • Handle knurling: 9.5 cm

      Please note:

      • Full 3-month commercial warranty against damage

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