LivePro Tatical Vest (LP8195)

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The design width of this weighted vest at the shoulder is 8 cm, which increases the force surface of the shoulder and reduces the feeling of tightening on the shoulder during training.

The weighted bags can be placed evenly in the front and back sandbags to achieve the purpose of weighted training. The resistance can be gradually increased by increasing the weight. The waist is fastened with a Velcro loop.

Tatical Vest (LP8195)


  • A loop fastening belt is at the waist, fixed by Velcro with no bouncing and no displacement during exercise
  • Vests are high-quality nylon fabric that is wear resistant, oil proof and tear resistant
  • Weighted bags can be placed evenly in the front and back sandbags
  • Vests are equipped with two specifications (10 and 20 kg) and the weighted bag is equipped with a 1 kg weight with the numbers being 10 and 20 respectively
  • There are 5 weighted holes in the front and back of the vest
  • PVC logo sewn on the right shoulder of the vest
  • Sponge sandwich with 2 cm thickness in the middle increases comfort
  • Padding can adjust weight according to its own need
  • This basic fitness base is perfect for full body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT exercise and is a smart investment for the gym


      • Weighted bags (10 and 20 kg)


      • Iron sand
      • Sponge
      • Nylon

      Product weight (bags):

      • 10 kg
      • 20 kg


      • Total width: 41 cm
      • Shoulder width: 8 cm
      • Total height: 39 cm

      Please note:

      • There is a full 1-year commercial warranty against damage

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