LivePro Sand Bags (LP8121)

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The energy pack can exercise your whole body strength and enhance your explosive power, hard pull, shoulder press, high lift and deep squat etc. LivePro fillable energy pack trains the whole body in many ways, with 4 bags filled with sand and weighing up to 20 kg. The sandbag comes with double Velcro and carrying handle and the sandbag is reinforced with cross-stitching and can easily cope with swinging and other exercises.

Sand Bags (LP8121)


  • Internal 4 sandbags can be filled with 5kg weight with a stable centre of gravity, which trains more accurately
  • High-quality polyester fabric has large elasticity, strong resistance to damage, is fall-resistant, wear-resistant and tested by high-level sports teams in a cruel environment; it has inherent dirt resistance and is easy to clean
  • 7 non-slip soft plastic handles is for comfortable grip
  • Heavy reinforced stitching is strong and durable, and cross-stitching process is not easy to open stitches
  • Logo is printed on each energy pack which is not easy to wear out and fade
  • This basic fitness foundation is perfect for total body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT exercise, and is a smart investment for the gym


      • Polyester

      Product weight:

      • 1.33 kg

      Maximum weight:

      • 20 kg


      • Total width: 48 cm
      • Total depth: 20 cm
      • Total height: 20 cm

      Please note:

      • Full 6-month commercial warranty

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