LivePro Bulgarian Bag (LP8130)

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Bulgarian exercise trains balance, flexibility, strengthens your waist, hands, and legs. The Bulgarian bag has three handles that can be used for high energy core training exercises. Made of high quality materials, they are very durable and adapted to high energy training. Use these bags with confidence because its heavy duty nylon webbing material is extremely load bearing.

Bulgarian Bag (LP8130)


  • Comfortable and stable
  • There is an iron sand ball in the middle to ensure centre weight and stable gravity of the bag. It is not easily deformed after long term use. The bag is filled with EPE pearl cotton and resistant to falls. The material does not damage the body, the ground, and is effective in doing various training actions.
  • LivePro's Bulgarian bag is made of high quality PVC material, the bottom layer is covered with flannel, highly flexible, tear resistant, drop resistant, and has a tensile strength of 8-10kg. Our bags have been tested by high level sports teams in extreme environments
  • Athletes can use as much strength as they would like with these bags because of the high-strength polyester webbing (3.6 cm width) embedded inside the bags. The cross stitching process also makes the threads difficult to come undone
  • A PVC waterproof surface makes these Bulgarian bags easy to clean
  • LivePro's logo and weight markings are printed on each Bulgarian bag. These markings do not easily wear or fade.
  • These bags are suitable for full body training, functional training, strength training, and HII exercise. These bags are a wise investment for any gym.


      • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
      • Pearl Cotton
      • Iron Sand

      Product weight:

      • 5-22 kg


      • Total width: 67 cm
      • Total depth: 25 cm

      Please note:

      • 1 year comprehensive commercial warranty

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