LivePro Bar Holder (LP8874)

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This 9 bar holder is the solution for storing the Olympics bars in the gym. Because the Olympics bars are round and roll easily on the floor, which is the ideal solution to keep the gym floor neat and orderly and the safety of Olympics bars. 6.5 mm thick metal steel frame with black matte finish looks very quality. The stand is designed with nine 51 mm inner diameter Olympics bars jacks, which makes it easy to store the rod vertically and safely.

Bar Holder (LP8874)


      • With 6.5 mm thick pipe, with seamless welding technology
      • Black frosting sprayed
      • Vertical storage is designed, covering a small area
      • Protect the ground and be anti-slip


      • Steel

        Product weight:

        • 21 kg


          • Total width: 44 cm
          • Total depth: 44 cm
          • Total height: 16.5 cm
          • Bar inner diameter: 5.1 cm

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