Jarn Cast Iron Kettlebell

Weight: 4 kg
Sale price£17.99


This is our simple and cost-effective cast iron Russian style Kettlebell. Jarn Kettlebells are an extremely versatile tool for exercising the whole body, developing strength, power and for weight loss, fat burning.

Cast Iron Jarn Kettlebell Set


  • Large handle clearance for various exercises
  • Versatile
  • Exercise the whole body
  • No frills
Can be fully recycled
  • No plastics used
  • Hardcore
  • To meet our environmental goals packaging is repurposed on-site
  • Flat bottom
  • Comfortable handle
  • Weight tolerance +/- 3%
  • Made in Europe


  • Cast Iron
  • Matte powder-coated finish

Product weight:

  • 4 to 24 kg


    • Handle width: 12 cm
    • Handle diameter (thickness): 4 cm
    • Weight to handle height: 6 cm

    Please note:

    • Special order only, contact us
    • Kettlebell sets/bundles can be prepared on request

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