LivePro Hex Rubber Dumbbells

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This rubber hexagonal dumbbell is extremely cost-efficient with a self-evident function. The handles are ergonomic and steel bending. They are completely welded and precisely connected to the head with maximum strength. This avoids damage and any need for secondary maintenance. The head is wrapped in a rubber layer with a thickness of 1.2 cm that gives the dumbbells shock absorption and buffering capacity. This effectively protects the floor and other surrounding equipment. The handle is processed with medium strength knurling that improves grip and comfort. The surface of the handle is beautifully electroplated and extends the life of the dumbbells by preventing rust.

Hex Rubber Dumbbells


  • One of the most versatile bits of kit for many reasons and can be used for both compound lifts, and to isolate specific muscle groups
  • You can build strength, speed, muscular endurance or stamina using dumbbells
  • Compliment many barbell or kettlebell exercises, and being relatively compact, and stackable, they can be used in almost any workout environment
  • Providing a firm, comfortable ergonomic grip. The rubber encased, heavy-duty bells are durable yet help to minimise noise, and wear to the dumbbell and its environment, and don't roll away during use
  • Each hex dumbbell has the weight embossed on it for quick and easy identification
  • These dumbbells deliver on performance and longevity. A great addition to your pain cave!
  • Knurled steel grips for a secure hold
  • Design shaped to stop weights rolling away
  • Ergo-design


  • Cast Iron
  • Covered in a Thick Protective Rubber
  • Black Chrome Steel Handle

Product weight:

  • 2.5 to 40 kg


  • Handle width: 13.3 cm
  • Handle diameter: 3.3 cm

Please note:

  • These are sold in pairs

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