LivePro Olympic Competition Barbell (220 cm | Max 680 kg)

Sale price£299.99


Livepro’s Competitive Olympic Weightlifting Bar is stylish and holds a massive tensile strength. 10 rollers increase the rotation force while also reducing friction and wear. 

The medium level knurled design on the surface of the handle improves its grip and comfort. Even if one’s palms are sweaty during exercise, they can still be firmly held.

Olympic Competition Barbell


  • Medium knurling with good grip
  • Weight distributed over 10 needle bearings and 2 bushings
  • Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI


  • Spring Steel (60SiMn)

Product weight:

  • 20 kg

Maximum user weight:

  • 680 kg


  • Total width: 220 cm
  • Loading sleeve width: 41 cm
  • Handle diameter: 2.8 cm

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