Leasing options offer a way to acquire the equipment that your organisation needs rather than purchasing only what your immediate Capex budget dictates, by spreading the cost over its useful working life. 

Reiver's strategic partners have over 20 years’ experience of providing finance for  business, assisting with your investment in equipment whilst operating within tight departmental financial targets. Our leasing options ensure that financing gives you value for money and flexibility for the future. We specialise in supplying straightforward and cost-effective financial solutions.

Leasing is fast becoming the popular choice to acquire our equipment including all services and maintenance required over straightforward cash terms, allowing use of revenue budgets and so enabling your valuable capital expenditure facilities to be allocated elsewhere. Why make an outright purchase, spending a lump sum and depleting your annual budget, when a lease allows you to spread the cost in line with incoming membership revenues?

Products and solutions:

  • Turnkey Solutions; Our options can cover financing your equipment, the installation costs ongoing maintenance and services plans and in many cases we arrange facilities for Reiver FITNESS clients that cover the build costs, flooring, IT, Furniture, Audio Visual systems, Air Conditioning, Changing rooms etc.; leasing enables your complete solution to become more affordable and more manageable, from the point of acquisition with all costs being encompassed within one fixed monthly rental.
  • Flexible refresh options; Are available throughout the rental term, providing protection from technology obsolescence and the ability to expand your range.
  • Bespoke facility; Allowing for staged drawdowns or variations to configuration and cost prior to installation.
  • Flexible repayment terms; Most commonly we see our clients opting for 3, 4 or 5 year finance arrangements; however we have terms ranging from 1 to 5 years, payable monthly, quarterly, annually as well as other profiles suited individually to your needs. Payment structures can be tailored to take into account capital or revenue budgets
  • Enjoy Tax Benefits; The tax advantage stays with you as equipment on finance lease is recognised as operating expenses and is fully deductible from taxable income, as a trading expense.

We recognise that each client will have unique requirements and along with our partners, Reiver is committed to seeking to build financial solutions around them. 

Please ask should you wish to receive a more detailed leasing proposal and we will ensure that our finance specialist.

They will prepare figures that are bespoke to your requirements.  If you have any questions at all about our leasing options or the benefits of using a lease whether your business is cash rich or not – please contact us for a chat.