Reiver Fitness kit collections are hand-selected by our team of fitness experts to include only the best brands in the industry. Our equipment is tried and tested by Olympic athletes so we can be certain each piece supports your individual goals and performance abilities. Browse our full collection, from bikes to kettlebells, barbells and more!

  • Gipara
    Our gym kit collections feature pieces from Gipara, one of the highest quality professional fitness accessory brands.

  • LivePro
    With over 4,000 gyms and clubs in 100 countries, LivePro has supplied and distributed top-quality sports kit to regions around the world for 16 years.

  • Spirit
    Over the last 30 years, Spirit’s focus has been to deliver a quality experience with our equipment. Keep pace with your own long-term fitness goals with our Spirit range.

  • WKG Sports
    Providing only high-quality equipment, WKG Sports offers an exclusive range of top-spec fitness kit suited to every goal and ability. WKG Sports are the leaders of the fitness world.