Reiver Fitness provides a comprehensive solution for customers looking for premium quality fitness equipment for use in commercial gyms, hotels or hospitality, and the home or garage gym. With over 30 years of experience within the health, fitness and sports industry; our products and services have been embraced by the Uk tactical services, high end consumer market and those commercial health and fitness facilities, large and small, who are seeking something a little different.  

We also provide product consultancy services to the largest gym chains in the UK and Europe, and to a number of smaller emerging product manufacturers bringing innovation to our market sector.

We have spent time creating a portfolio of exclusive and stylish products; But also robust and efficient supply chain that is not wholly reliant on Asian manufacture. Where-ever possible we use manufacturers in the Uk and Europe. 

We use digital technology and automation wherever possible to streamline our operations and processes, but combine this with a humanistic consultative ‘old school' approach to sales, design, delivery and customer care. 

We try to make it as easy and simple as possible to buy from us and we put the customer at the forefront of the purchasing and ownership journey.

Your success is our success!