Barbell - EZ Curl Bar Olympic 4ft (1200mm) - GIPARA

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The GIPARA Olympic Curl Bar has been designed to provide you training effectiveness thanks to the knurled grips, and comfortable angles. It’s worth noting its more versatile than just a curl bar and can be used for upright rows and other strength and hypertrophy exercises. 
The GIPARA Curl Bar is suitable for home use and commercial gyms - an excellent, high quality and affordable EZ Curl Bar.
In our experience and athlete review of the bar, we appreciated the depth of the knurling, the bronze bushings, and its overall construction. There may be cheaper alternatives on other websites and it may not be for everyone, but if you want to train effectively, you’ll appreciate the quality and comfort it provides. 


Dimensions: length - 120 cm, handle diameter - 28 mm, neck diameter - 50 mm, weight - 10 kg

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