Barbell - Olympic Allrounder Collarless Barbell (2.2m), 20kg - Gungnir of Norway

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Features a revolutionary design Gungnir is The ONLY Olympic barbell with built-in collars.

Of Norwegian origin and design. This bar has been tested to endure the heaviest and toughest of workouts. The bar's SlideLock collar system makes securing weights easy. Lift. Slide. Lock.

  • No extra collar weight
  • No more slipping weights
  • Never look for collars again
  • No hassle dealing with hard clips
  • Safer weightlifting experience
  • No more clips lying around
  • Olympic size - compatible with all 50mm diameter weight plates


  • 216,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Hard chrome coating
  • Dual knurl marks and mild centre knurling
  • Bronze bushings sleeves for reliable spin
  • Titanium slide locks


  • Barbell length: 2200mm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 415mm
  • Systematically tested in a rig with drops from 2 and 1.6 meters high with 90 kg and 320 kg respectively.
  • Tested in all kinds of exercises, it is designed to withstand the heaviest and toughest of workouts
  • Quality bronze bushings with pockets to hold the lubricant, for a reliable spin and for reducing the need for maintenance.

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