Reiver launches their new look

Time to get serious!

With the world having gone a little crazy, we know that to go back to our roots helps ground us. As a business we are no different, and on reflection we felt that we wanted to create something living and breathing in our identity.

We love our name, so it was more the look and feel we needed to nail.

Reiver has no connection with the military background of the word which is from the word 'Reive' being a dialect to go on a plundering raid!

It is simply about revivals, and revolutions!

It is about life and the journeys we take to be the best of ourselves, provide our body and mind the chance to perform and function at their very best. 

Our mission is:

  • To inspire people to live and breathe a world of activity and health…
  • By providing unique, niche products and solutions
  • Delivered at every stage in an ‘old school kind of cool’ way!

Our values, are not just written, but embraced and embodied in how we perform, act and deliver Reiver:

  • We are as agile as a dragonfly! - get goggling this one! dragonfly's are pretty awesome!
  • We are oozing with compassion & commitment
  • Everything we do is always a pleasure never a chore
  • We always have banging products - No gimmicks allowed!

Overall we wanted to go 'Old School', we were fed up of everything looking and feeling the same, we wanted a personality and to be able to go back to a place where we felt focused, energised and motivated for every new 'thing' we did.

We wanted our customers to feel this too.

To buy from a trusted source of commitment and from people who know the products and who had been on an educational journey to be in a position to create a portfolio of no gimmick, no rubbish kit, that will live up to the challenges we all face.

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  1. Reiver launches their new look

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